How to farm tons of Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to farm tons of Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

When training to fight the Elite Four, there are only a few places where a level 60+ team can train for EXP effectively. One of the best is actually also really useful for a couple of reasons. Lake Casseroya is a grand location to train a low-level team at. Just stick a level 55-60 Electric-type Pokemon in the first slot and let it gain XP for the lower-level Pokemon in your party. The reason you bring along a couple of high-level Electric types to farm encounters and you can make easy EXP as well. Since all the spawns in the water of Lake Casseroya share a weakness to Electric attacks, a few level 60+ Electric types can be great for farming.

But there’s one more secret that the lake holds that a lot of players will find useful—feathers. Feathers are an incredibly useful way to increase IVs, and thus stats, for your team. Trainers looking to create the perfect team will need tons of feathers to really maximize stat gains. And with this route, you can farm Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with ease.

How to farm tons of Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There’s a lot more to this farming route than just heading to Lake Casseroya and looking for loot. There’s actually a fairly efficient and profitable route you can take to farm dozens of Feathers per hour, and get feathers of every type. Lake Casseroya’s loot, at least on the water itself, is entirely Feathers. The basic idea is that you go to the area, and then run a route around both the water’s edge and the inner Islet, then reset the loot and redo the run. Each time, you will find dozens of loot drops and each one will be one type of Feather.

You may also find Tera Raids, TMs and generic loot on the shoreline. Be sure to grab these. Not only can you get treasure and Feathers from Raids, the generic loot is really powerful here. You can easily stock up on Max Ethers, Max Potions and more by running this route a few times.

Here’s the path you’re going to take:

Lake Casseroya Feather Farming Route

Notes about the farming route

There are a few things to keep in mind when farming for loot in Lake Casseroya.

  • Veluza and Gyrados are incredibly aggressive and will charge the player. If your team is weak, don’t be afraid to dash away to avoid encounters.
  • Dodonzo will regularly emerge from the water to block your path, avoid them if you can.
  • Always move in a zig-zag pattern to force the game’s draw distance limitation to spawn more loot.
  • Get into 3+ battles per lake rotation, as this helps proc RNG.

With those tips and the route fresh in your mind, there’s one more thing to worry about. Sure, you can run the route on its own and farm Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by the dozen, but the most efficient use of your time is to forcibly reset the loot before each successive run. Keep reading to learn how to reset loot sparkles so you can continually farm Feathers in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to reset loot sparkles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Loot sparkles are generated per map cell in-game, and work based on RNG. The game pulls from the loot table for each portion of the map when you load in, so there’s no easy way to reset loot spawns while you’re in the map itself. But you can setup your game in such a way that you can constantly reset the spawns you do have. The goal with this method isn’t to manipulate loot tables or RNG to give a specific outcome, but rather to just proc RNG to generate more loot. With that in mind, follow these steps to reset loot spawns in Scarlet and Violet:

  1. Put your Switch into offline mode by disconnecting from WiFI.
  2. Load into Scarlet and Violet.
  3. Disable Autosave in the game Options.
  4. Travel to the Lake Casseroya Watchtower No.2 waypoint.
  5. Follow the path laid out in the guide above.
  6. When you reach the starting waypoint again, fast travel to Cascarrafa (North).
  7. Visit the Pokemon Center and heal, then sell one item at the vendor. It can be any item.
  8. Manually save the game.
  9. Use the Home button to exit Scarlet/Violet, then close the game by pressing X on it in the Home menu.
  10. Change the Switch System Clock forward 2+ hours.
  11. Open the game, reload your save, then repeat the run from the Watchtower.

Now get out there and start training for Top Champion Geeta and the Elite Four.

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