How To Get More Capitale In Red Dead Online

Fastest Way To Farm Capitale In Red Dead Online

What is Capitale In Red Dead Online? That’s a simple question. Guido Martelli and his crime family have brought a bunch of new Crimes and Opportunities to complete in RDO. Players can trade him for Bonds, which are pretty valuable. Trouble is, you need to farm tons of Capitale to get these Bonds.

If you want to check your current Capitale balance you need to speak with the correct NPC. Once you complete the Blood Money DLC intro, find  Anthony Foreman in Saint Denis. This is your contact, and will give you the start missions. Open up the Opportunities tab and look in the upper-right to see how much you have on hand.

Opportunities are a new story mode that offers a way for Rockstar to add new missions. The game is getting a ton of different updates as time goes on. To get the best rewards, you need more of this new currency. And if you want to get more, here’s a great method.

Fastest way to get Capitale In Red Dead Online

When it comes to getting more Capitale in Red Dead Online, you have a few options. The Jeb missions are pretty useful. The normal missions through Blood Money and Free Roamcan take a lot of time. You still need to invest time into these Jeb missions. The key to farming Capitale is to intentionally fail missions that still have a reward of Capital from loot boxes or other sources.

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Here are the steps to the Jeb contract that can work with this method. The Jeb mission has a lockbox you can loot pretty quickly. Had to the Van Horn Trading Post to find this task.

  • Start The Jeb Phelps Contract
  • Ignore the objective. Head to the Barn/Warehouse at the entrance to the town
  • Immediately on the left as you enter the barn, loot the Lockbox
  • Avoid the invisible enemy guarding the place.
  • After you loot the Lockbox press start and go to the Online option
  • Select Crimes to leave the mission and spawn near a contract to repeat the process.

Players will also be able to get more from lockboxes looted from wagons in some missions. These lockboxes are extremely dangerous, as they have powerful enemies around them. The basic idea is to rush up, loot the box, and then run away as fast as you can. Using the method outlined above you can get plenty of this currency.

Another method is the Blood Money Railroad Contract mission. This mission has a conductor in it that can be looted for a few Capitale. Various methods will likely be found over time.

That’s it, it’s all you need to know about Capitale in RDO.

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