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Fear the Wolves introduces vaulting and voice chat in new update

Fear the Wolves

Focus Home Interactive and Vostok Games have released more details about their upcoming game, Fear The Wolves.

Fear The Wolves was announced in February of last year as a new entry into the crowded Battle Royale genre. Later in 2018, in August specifically, the game entered Early Access on Steam. In terms of gameplay differences the overall setup is the same, but once you hit the ground, things get weird. Mutants and ravenous wolves stalk the land, looking to make a meal out of you. And at times even the weather will turn against you as the game is going to eventually have a realistic weather simulation system.

The trailer showcasing more of these plans reveals some more examples of new gameplay elements being added. The games new matchmaking default is now Duo’s as opposed to Solo, pushing all players into the same matchmaking pool. This means entering into a match Solo could put you at a serious disadvantage should you come up against more than one opponent.

Vostok is also working on tweaking and streamlining the in-game UI to make information conveyed to the player more obvious. Voice chat is also now available among your squad to make comms easier to manage.

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In other news about the game, there are still no confirmations of whether Fear The Wolves will land on consoles. The plan seemed to originally be to drop the shooter on several platforms, but this newest trailer puts a damper on that. It turns out that the currently listed platforms only include PC, with no mention at all of Xbox One or PS4.

Focus Home Interactive is planning to launch Fear The Wolves sometime later this year on PC. Check out the feature overview trailer for this new update to the game down below.

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