How to Spawn Items in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a huge open-world zombie game, and the launch of Build 41 has changed it one huge way. There’s multiplayer built into the game by default, no more messing with mods to play with friends. The developers also plan to patch in NPC survivors, and other cool features, over time. That means if you want to game with your pals, someone needs to host the server. The addition of various multiplayer potential game modes has added a bunch of new players to the game as well. And that means a bunch of people have taken on the task of running servers for the game.

Being a post-apocalyptic game, there’s a lot of work to be done to stay alive. Not only will you need to put time into building weapons and getting food, but you also need to build your base to stay safe. One thing you can do to help speed up the pace of the game in multiplayer is to spawn items in Project Zomboid. Luckily, the developers have made this task very simple to do in Project Zomboid.  Keep reading to figure out what you need to do.

How to Spawn Items in Project Zomboid

To start, you are going to have to have admin rights on the server. You will need to open up the admin panel via the correct option on a dedicated server. Once you have opened up the game and started the server, you can begin.

For a dedicated server, you just need to use the options menu. Press the ESC key while you are in-game and select the option that says “ADMIN PANEL”.

If you’re on a non-dedicated server, use the following command through the chat panel:

  • /setaccesslevel “yourSteamname” admin
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Getting admin rights in singleplayer is a bit weirder. You will need to modify the Launch Options in Steam for this to work, here’s how.

  1. Open Steam, and then your Library
  2. Right-click Project Zomboid and choose Properties
  3. Click General
  4. Inside the launch options box, add “-debug” without the quotes.
  5. Launch the app and create your desired game.

Once you have enabled the debug mode, load into the game. Once you’re inside the game, you will notice a new icon on the in-game menu. At the very bottom of the UI you will notice a bug icon.

To spawn items, click the Debug icon on the main screen, then choose the Items List option. You can then scroll through the items list and spawn your desired items into a player’s inventory. Use the Name filter option to search for certain items.

You can spawn all manner of different items in the world once you have the admin rights. You can spawn in farming items, as well as food, and that should help if you want to keep your players focused on fighting zombies, instead of growing food. Mountains of different crafting materials and stations can also be spaned in.

You can also put these powers to work claiming and managing safe houses to base your survivors from.

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