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MiHoYo shares Genshin Impact roadmap for updates into 2021

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MiHoYo shared the Genshin Impact roadmap this week, revealing plans for unique events, new items and bosses, and tons of fun to be had for gacha fans. The team has revealed a Genshin Impact roadmap that runs all the way into 2021, so they’ve got a lot of things up in the air right now. With the new content comes some quality-of-life improvements and other changes. There’s finally key rebinds coming, for one thing.

The first update of the Genshin Impact roadmap will arrive on November 11 as update 1.1. This will then be followed up by a second major update come December 23. This five-week looks to be the way going forward from there as well. A blog post outlined new features coming to the game until February 2021.

Version 1.1 will include a new set of activities called “Never Returning Star Extinguishment”, That suggests that limited-time party members will be a big focus in that patch. And it looks like MiHoYo has similar events planned for each patch going into 2021 as well.

Version 1.2 is going to be the big hitter in this cycle. Coming this December it will bring a bunch of refinements to the gameplay loop and new features to fool around with. The added elements in that update will center around a whole new zone and “related activities.” The previous and following patches will continue with refinements to gameplay too.

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Players will be getting improvements to the workflow of cooking and crafting, which is very welcome. Having to deal with less UI clutter is always nice.  MiHoYo said it’s also working on letting players customize the controls and rebind keys too, making it much easier for players on various platforms.

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