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Dontnod reveals Tell Me Why, a new IP featuring transgender lead

Tell Me Why

During X019, we’re already hitting high notes with new IPs and games being revealed left, right and center. The newest game from DONTNOD Entertainment, Tell me Why, was one of them. The game is joined by other games with a unique style and subject, like Rare’s new Everwild adventure game.

The story of Tell Me Why is still a bit of a mystery, but we can tell you a few things. Tyler and Alyson Ronan are the stars, and the game is told predominantly through their eyes. Or more accurately, the story is told through their memories. As the characters retell the stories of their past and plan their future, the player is along for the ride. Tyler and Alyson haven’t had the easiest go of things judging from the trailer. There are some obvious issues with violence in their past and familial tensions, but the details are left pretty vague.

Dontnod will be borrowing in style and substance from some of their other projects, so expect some similar elements in said story about growing up, but with an entirely different perspective. Like Life Is Strange and its sequel, Tell Me Why will be an episodic series. So expect it to unfold in a more slow-burn kind of way. The two leads are pretty adventurous though, so expect some hijinks.

LGBTQ+ representation in games has slowly been getting better over the years, with title like Gone Home being the most visible of this trend. Tell Me Why looks to be moving things  toward a more engaged approach. As rather than a compellingly written “walking sim”, this game is going for a more active role with telling the story, as the players actions will impact how much of the important details the main characters can recall.

Check out the trailer for Tell Me Why down below.


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