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Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.1’s Release Date Announced


This week Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV‘s update 4.1, dubbed “The Legend Returns” will be released on October 10th. Square Enix also released a pair of preview trailer for the patch as well, which you can see below.

The big draw for this patch is the introduction of more boss fights and raid dungeons. The Return to Ivalice 24 man raid will be introduced with 4.1. And with that we’re also getting a new hard mode version of Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain, the final section the Shinryu fight at the end of the expansion’s main story.

We’ve also included a selection of the screenshots Square Enix have released for 4.1 as well.

Of course we’re also getting a new chapter for the main story, with the people of Ala Mhigo having to choose what kind of nation they want to build for themselves, under Lyse’s fledgling leadership.

PvP is also getting a new feature called “Red Wings” described as follows:

“On the forgotten fringes of the Dravanian Hinterlands, there lie the remnants of a Sharlayan testing site known as Astragalos. With their boundless ingenuity, the goblins of Idyllshire have transformed the place into an expansive training ground. Here, brave adventurers can take control of mighty machines in large-scale war games reminiscent of battles against the Garlean Empire. A furious struggle for territorial supremacy awaits!”

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC.


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