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How to create and manage a guild in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Patch Notes

MMOs are all about the family and friends you earn along the way. Being an MMO itself, Guild Wars 2 puts a lot of emphasis on this social aspect. Guilds tie into many PvE and PvP modes in the game. Players are often expected to join these groups at some point. And to make the most of your time in the game, you’re probably going to join or create a guild in Guild Wars 2.

All Guild-related activity you complete in the game reward Guild Commendations and other rewards. Commendations can be turned into specific in-game vendors for valuable loot boxes, offering a nice incentive for players to play together. Both PvE and PvP goals can count towards this.

Keep in mind that the upcoming rebalance to WvW will make massive changes to that mode. So if you expect guilds to work the same way post that patch, you’re in for a shock. in short, ArenaNet wants less focus on hyper-powerful guilds, and more focus on the cooperative play between larger groups. Anyway, back to the guide.

How to create a Guild in Guild Wars 2

You can access the Guild menu by pressing the default key “G”. This will bring up the Contacts and LFG menu. When you open up the menu, you will see possible guilds in GW2 to join, but that’s not all. Sometimes you might want to make your own group. When creating a guild, you must pick a representative. This is basically any player that is currently earning any Guild XP for in-game activities. So if you’re actively playing the game with your group, that’s probably you.

Just press the Create Guild button on the bottom of the menu. When you push the button, you will be prompted to pay the registration feed and pick the Guild Name, and Guild Tag. The Guild Tag is what appears after your character name above your head. This is the ticker that shows off what group you belong to. Pick that, and your guild will finally exist. Keep in mind that you must pay 1 Gold to register the new guild. You are also limited to two Guild creations a week.

How to manage a Guild in Guild Wars 2

Now, you just have to actually manage this new group. Managing a guild is a bit of a task. Picking what your guild wants to focus on is important. You need to occupy a niche. And as the founder, you’re often expected to help provide content and fun for your members. Be active, make plans and get your head in the game. Being AFK is a terrible way to run a guild in any MMO. Getting consistent with what kind of play experience you want can also help avoid burnout.

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Put some time into planning out when and how you will be active in-game. If you plan to participate in WvW, pick times when your most members are on to work together towards objectives, Roleplaying guilds will want to put time into planning storylines and events together. Having some form of out-of-game comms is a huge help here.

Growing by inviting new players is also key. When you know what kind of play you offer, it helps players know what to expect. Going around and spamming your guild is a bad idea. There are forums and subreddits for the game that make this much easier. To recruit new players,  right-click on the character portrait of the players you wish to recruit, Then, you want to select Guild Invite. This is also possible from your in-game Friends List.

How to join and leave a Guild in Guild Wars 2

Joining is done via the same LFG menu from the G key. To join a Guild you’ll need to have received an invitation from someone from an already existing guild. You could also just create your own by following the steps laid out above. To leave, just press the Leave Guild option under the list of Guilds on the main guild menu.

But sometimes, you might want to dip out. When you want to leave, you must not be the representative for your group. So in essence, you must be inactive. You can also disband a Guild if you are the only member, or the original founder.

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