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Sea of Thieves shares details about Shrouded Spoils expansion

Sea of Thieves

Since Sea of Thieves was released on PC and Xbox One in March and has gotten lots of new content, including a bunch of expansions.

Rare recently released another expansion for the game, Forsaken Shores, that expansion added a new region and tons of other content. But Rare isn’t done adding new content to the pirate game by a long shot. This week marks the introduction of the latest “Bilge Rat Adventure”. This new mini-expansion is titled Festival of the Damned is pretty spooky,  and brings a bunch of new cosmetics and other content to Sea of Thieves. Forsaken Shores cosmetics will disappear once the Festival of the Damned starts up, so now is the last chance to grab those pieces of unique loot.

But the recent Developer Update for this week gave us a glimpse into the future. That glimpse showed us a bit of the newest major expansion, Shrouded Spoils.

Shrouded Spoils will come at some point in November, and will bring a new content patch onboard. Some of the features included in Shrouded Spoils are ship customization. The game world will have new environmental effects like fog to obscure vision and make naval combat more tactical. Commendations for Pirate Legends will be added, which are specific challenges made only for that class of players.

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The team from Rare will be at the XO18 event in Mexico City, Sea of Thieves will have an announcement for future content as well as a trailer showing those additions off. So we can expect plenty of news about what this expansion will contain then. Until that time, check out the latest developer update video for the game down below.

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