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Bethesda announces new Orion engine at E3 2019

Id Working on new Cloud Optimization Technology

During E3 2019, Bethesda announced Orion; a patented new set of engine add-ons being developed by the company to allow other developers to optimize their games a to new level. This tech is being developed by the legendary teams at id, the same group behind id Tech 6 and the other incredible games and engines that the company is known for. And aside from being a full engine, this new system is actually considered a backend streaming technology which optimizes the whole game from the bottom up for cloud-based processing.

This kind of tech will become much more common as services like Google Stadia take off, and is being aimed at developers who want to offer a cloud-based version of their game that uses less bandwidth and supports higher overall quality. In contrast to game streaming services that focus on hardware solutions to stream games, Orion is software-based and pairs nicely with hardware-driven solutions within the datacenters actually hosting the servers. We could very well see developers around the world partnering with id to optimize their titles for services like Stadia, which could very well lead to a new major player in gaming providers.

Here are the key features of Orion:

Major Performance Benefits 
Integrated within the game engine itself, Orion can achieve dramatic latency reductions of up to 20% per frame plus up to 40% less bandwidth required.
Complementary Technology
Orion’s software innovations work seamlessly with nearly any game, game engine, or streaming provider, making Orion’s incredible performance benefits an additive benefit to innovations in hardware and connectivity from streaming providers.
A Better Streaming Experience for Players
A game using Orion offers high-speed performance with imperceptible latency, even in a twitchy shooter; lower usage against ISP bandwidth caps; and a wider availability, making quality play available to players living far from data centers.
Flawless Execution and Ease of Use for Developers
The Orion SDK is easily integrated into almost any game, which means developers can deliver best-in-class experiences to players through streaming, with minimal additional development effort.
Lower Costs, Wider Reach for Streaming Providers
Orion can help providers reach larger audiences, at reduced costs, with a superior level of service. Orion makes possible substantially reduced capital investments in data centers, and can materially lower the cost of operating a streaming service.

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