How to farm Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2

There are many different unique resources and currencies in Destiny 2. Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2 is just one of many. Added in the new season, it’s important for one key reason. As part of Season of the Lost, players use it to level up the Pathfinder’s Compass, one of the many reward tracks in the game. You’re going to need a lot of it if you’re burning through lots of Focused Engrams.

Ways to farm Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2

The best way is to collect Ascendant Anchors in the various open-world maps. Destiny 2‘s Ascendant Anchors is a collectable introduced in Season of the Lost, running between August 2021 to March 2022.

These are the giant purple spinning pillars found around. They’re hard to miss, look for the giant purple diamon shapes. Each one you find will give you 30 Parallax Trajectory, which isn’t a lot—which entails a lot of farming. While doing this you will also be earning Seasonal Milestones, which grant their own rewards. So go out and look for those giant purple energy beams.

If you don’t want to go that route, there is another way. You can also gather up this resource by completing Strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches. Public events also give out some. This is good, as not every player wants to go on a hunt across the game. So if you want to get plenty of Parallax Trajectory, just play the game.

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