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Multiple Resident Evil Games Headed to Nintendo Switch


Capcom has confirmed that the company is indeed working on Switch ports for a bunch of Resident Evil games. On Twitter today, Capcom announced that survival horror classics Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 4 are coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Exact release dates were not included in the announcement, so it could be as late as the Christmas season for all we know. The company would stand to save loads of money if it didn’t push physical releases, so there’s a possibility that each of these titles could wind up being digital-only versions, although this is just speculation. No word on prices has been given either.

The choice of games is pretty interesting, given the mix of newer and older titles, which means that there’s going to be a lot for hardcore fans to enjoy.

The versions of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero coming to the Switch are the same versions that were released for the GameCube, so we’re looking at full HD versions most likely. And since RE 4 has been ported to every console under the sun, this is likely to be the 411th time fans are going to purchase that classic.

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