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Team Sonic Racing shows off customization in new trailer

Team Sonic Racing Customization and Bingo Party Trailers

Sega has dropped a pair of new trailers this week for Sonic Team Racing. One focuses on customization, while the other is all about a new stage.

Let’s dive into the first trailer about tweaking your car. As players compete in races, they earn in-game credits to spend on new parts galore. Racing fans will find a fair bit to customize on their vehicles, such as custom paint jobs, horns, and mod pods. You can also snap on new vinyl decals, customized paint schemes, horns, wheels and other accessories. Of course you can also pick up various performance improvements like new front and rear car parts, plus fresh wheels, all of which will alter the speed, acceleration and handling of your chosen kart.

The other trailer showcases the Bingo Party level, in particular we’re getting a peek at the music for the level in question. This track features custom musical tracks composed by Sonic music creator Jun Senoue and Japanese artist TORIENA.

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The game is due out for PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on May 21st, bringing kart-based mayhem to a new generation, and hopefully making some new Sonic fans in the process. Check out the trailer for Team Sonic Racing down below.

In terms of other news, the team behind this racing title has a few new tracks, like the Hidden Volcano. You should also go check out some cool gameplay footage of some of the abilities in the racing game. There’s also some footage of teams like Team Rose in the pile too.

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