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Food Fantasy launches on Android and iOS today

Food Fantasy Mobile RPG pre-registration opened

ELEX, a global developer and publisher of AAA mobile games, best known for releasing critically acclaimed titles Clash of Kings and Love Nikki!, has released their newest game. This bizarre but lovably quirky mix of Gacha, restaurant management sim and anime waifus is just weird enough to love. You should definitely check it out.

At it’s core, Food Fantasy is an anthropomorphized food game in the hero collection genre. Food Fantasy is all about the grub; so much so that even the anime characters – or ‘Food Souls’ you recruit to your side are all named and themed after certain dishes and key ingredients. So expect characters like Black Tea, Red Wine, Coffee and more to join your stable of stylish heroes.

All the typical trappings of Free-to-Play mobile games are there, but they don’t get too in the way of the experience. As you juggle managing your staff at your restaurant, making sure customers are happy and farming ingredients for new dishes, you never feel pressured into the microtransactions. The game fires upgrade materials at you with regular play, so if you’re a casual player, you’ll have a fine time. The gameplay loop is also fairly simple, so it’s not confusing or overly difficult to improve your Food Souls or your Dishes.

Check out the preview trailers for Food Fantasy down below. Our review should be live soon, so if you want to know what we really think of this mobile game, check back with us later.

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