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Star Citizen unveils new medical ship, RSI Apollo

After the short Around the Verse update earlier this week, Cloud Imperium Games isn’t done giving backers new things to gawk at. Coming to Star Citizen some time soon, the RSI Apollo is fulfilling the role of a medical transport within the universe of the PU.

The first of the two videos is the latest of the series Star Citizen – Ship Shape. The video focuses on the RSI Apollo, but there are multiple other ships in the pipeline as well. The Origin 300, Banu Defender, and many more are moving through development toward release. Some of these ships will hit the game in 2019, with others dropping in 2020. There are literally dozens of ships in the works at the moment, and it’s pretty cool to see.

The team admits that even with all these craft, Star Citizen needs more ships to flesh out the various occupations in the game, enter the RSI Apollo.

The newest concept ship, the RSI Apollo joins the Cutlass Red and Endeavor Hope as the current fleet of medical ships in Star Citizen. The RSI Apollo has a max crew of two, but has space to transport and treat six patients with top-of-the-line medical technology. Each bay is sorted into one of three potential Tiers, with each one being designated for more serious injuries compared to the previous.

Tier 3 (the lowest) facilities will still be able to keep non-fatally-injured patients from dying and bleeding out, but more extensive damage may require finding one able to provide tier 2 and tier 1 treatment.

The second video is a broadcast of Reverse The Verse, that further fleshes out details behind the recently introduced RSI Apollo, and the necessary medical gameplay elements that drive the thing.

For those wondering, the baseline work for the medical gameplay system is live in alpha 3.2, mostly consisting of damage to specific limbs or bodily regions, again determined by the three tier system mentioned earlier. CIG plans to expand this over the course of development, even including scripted mission for medical gameplay at some point. So expect things like delivering medical supplies or extracting and treating wounded pilots or ground troops from dangerous areas. You can read more about the medical gameplay plans over at the official website.

Check out the two preview trailers for this newest Star Citizen ship down below.

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