How to complete the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife

The weekly challenge of Bitlife is here for this week, and it’s going to be a doozy. Each week, you get given a series of unique tasks to complete for a unique cosmetic reward in-game. And then there’s the challenge vault. CandyWriter added the Challenge Vault as a paid addon for players to make their way through archived tasks from the week’s past. There are multiple challenges for you to work on in BitLife. These challenges are usually a lot of fun, and involve messing with the game in a variety of ways.

You’re getting wet and having fun in the sun this week, as you’re headed down to the sunshine state. This one is a lot more fun than some of the others you’ve faced in previous weeks, so get ready to have a blast.

How to complete the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife

  • Have your character be born a female in Flordia
  • Become a water slide tester for 20+ years
  • Sleep with 20+ men
  • Have 15+ children
  • Party 20+ times after the age of 50

Making a female character in Florida is pretty easy. You need to make a female character that chooses the right city. In the case of Florida, you have one easy-to-find option, Miami. Make your female character, then choose their starting city. . Click on Miami, and your character will start out in Florida. That’s the first step done.

Next, is getting the right job. This profession does not require advanced schooling, so it’s all RNG. The job you’re after is called Water Slide Tester, and it’s a bit rare to get. It will be listed in the Occupation tab as Small Business. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to get the job, as it doesn’t require a degree or anything special in terms of skills. You just need to refresh the list of available jobs until you get it. There are two ways to do this: resetting the app, or aging up. Rather than waste a year on your character, we recommend closing down the BitLife application and opening it back up.

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This is where the worst and most annoying part of the challenge comes in. You need to use the FInd Love option under the Relationships tab to get a ton of hookups. Sleep with as many man as you can, trying to avoid using protection each time. When you’ve had a total of 15 kids over the next 20+ years, you’re done. You will likely have some medical scares during this time as well, so get those taken care of ASAP. This step is all based on RNG, so just keep at it.

Once you have your job, just work on having kids until the age of 50. Be sure to make at least one friend during that time, as you need them to do the final step. Once you hit the age of 50, take your friend out partying. Click on their icon under the Relationships tab, and choose to party with them. Take them out on the town and have some fun. Once you do this 20 times, you’re done with the Wet ‘n Wild Challenge in BitLife.

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