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Is Crucible releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4?


Crucible is Amazon’s upcoming team-based, free to play shooter with up to 16 players taking part in various game modes. There’s a mix of PvP and PvE built into some of the modes, and they are all competitive. Crucible has three modes: Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters. So whether you’re looking for a standard deathmatch or an objective-based fare, this new title has you covered.

Crucible has a variety of game modes coming when it launches on May 20, and a lot of people are interested in it. Question is, what platforms will this new shooter launch for? So far, the game has been confirmed for a Steam release. If you are wondering if the game will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, then there is some bad news.

Amazon has yet to mention any plans for a console release, so owners of the Xbox One and PS4 could be out of luck. The new next-gen consoles are still months away, so I wouldn’t expect Amazon to prioritize a release for the PS5 or Xbox Series X as a launch title either. There’s no guarantee that Crucible won’t come to other platforms, it just seems like less of a priority for the gaming division right now.

Crucible was originally announced back in 2016 and has gone silent pretty much entirely since then. With 10 different heroes and a cache of different weapons, maps, and abilities to balance, it seems like the team behind it is more focused on a smooth launch than ports, assuming they aren’t working on something behind the curtain.

Crucible also has a lot of competition in the modern genre, with Apex Legends and Fortnite dominating gamer bandwidth and awareness right now, the new title that doesn’t really break the mold is going to have a very uphill battle left to fight when it comes out this month.

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