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GOG’s Galaxy client is coming together nicely


GOG’s Galaxy client has been lurking in the shadows for almost a year now.  Silently being worked on and improved as GOG creeps up in market share thanks to their approach of eschewing DRM and focusing on product quality.  Recently, reports from gaming press have started detailing the functionality and experience of the current alpha stage of the product.

One such piece comes from the folks at Wired, who have had a fiddle with Galaxy’s bits in their current form. Generally speaking, it’s a positive piece saying that — even though it’s still very early along — there’s enough functionality to put GOG’s previous efforts to shame. Admittedly that’s not hard, as the GOG downloader is an outdated tool.

The client doesn’t yet have features like auto-update — the main reason I’m looking forward to it, as GOG’s current update system relies way too much on me having to pay attention — but generally speaking sounds like it’s on the right track.

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You can sign up for the GOG Galaxy alpha right here.

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