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Battlefield V teases four new maps, first coming June 27th

Battlefield 5 players are getting four new maps

The new trailer for the final chapter of Battlefield V DLC in this current iteration has dropped, and it has fans really excited about some new content. The newest set of content releases for the game starts on June 27th with the launch of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds. Contained within this first update is a set of two new maps. Both of these are the large 64-player maps introduced for Firestorm.

The first of these maps is called Al Sundan, and it’s based on the singleplayer maps from the Under No Flag levels. This map focuses on vehicular combat and big open fields. Marita is the second map, also based on Greece like another map called Mercury, to focus even more on the oft-forgotten Greek invasion and occupation.

If you’re interested, you can see the new trailer for this content down below.


The next phase of new maps kicks off in August, with two additional maps tailored for infantry combat. One will be based in France with fighting back against the Axis occupation. The other map is based around attacking and defending a factory in the Lofoten Islands.

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In October between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, you can expect Operation Underground. This map was inspired by the Battlefield 3 map Operation Metro. Players will see a lot of close quarters battling in this urban-inspired map. Viewers also managed to spot teases of Chapter 5 of the DLC plan, suggesting that the new DLC arc will focus on the Pacific theater of WW2.

The rest of the details are left pretty vague, but it has been revealed that the developer will reveal more about the future of this FPS during the EA Play Battlefield 5 livestream at 10:30am PT.

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