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TemTem 1.0 release date revealed

TemTem 1.0 release date revealed

TemTem 1.0 is almost here. We’ve been eagerly awaiting news of when the TemTem 1.0 release date would finally come. And that time is now! The full launch of the game will feature multiple zones to explore, each with its own unique theme. As players explore and capture powerful new monsters, they will also solve intriguing puzzles and uncover tons of secrets. This game is aiming to bring a lot of that nostalgic hope back for fans of the Pokémon franchise, which clearly inspired TemTem.

The gameplay itself is built around a living and breathing world, filled with eager explorers. Each zone will have trainers running through it, with tons of stuff to do in terms of both PvE and PvP gameplay. The full version will even have competitive support for serious players to prove their skills in matchmaking modes. The update also promises exciting new activities that players will be able to participate in. The big focus is giving players rotating events and seasonal content, hoping to keep them engaged.

And to help build hype. the developers have released a new trailer showing off how far the game has come. The art style and variety of monsters has made a serious leap forward. Check that out in the trailer below.

The developer, Crema, has been building to this point for months. During and even before Early Access, the game was getting regular updates and new content. The launch of the early previews of the game was met with hugely positive feedback, even leading to server issues. It would seem that fans really wanted more of that classic monster-collecting and battling than anyone anticipated.

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After the initial flurry of hype, things got a bit quiet. Crema wasn’t done though, as they had teamed up with Humble Bundle to publish the game last year. “Publisher Humble Bundle and developer Crema are happy to announce that Temtem has officially passed the 500,000 copies sold milestone!” read the press release. “Also, the… team will be soon announcing their content roadmap leading all the way up to 1.0 launch next year and beyond.”

The 1.0 update has more content for experienced players to engage with. There will be the addition of seasons. This will be similar to Battle Pass systems from other GaaS games. And in future content updates, new islands will be introduced to give Trainers more to explore.

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