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The Last of Us

New Game+ in Last of Us Part 2 will be a way for players that want to take another journey through the depressing wasteland of the cordyceps in his new Sony AAA game. New Game + mode is unlocked as soon as you complete The Last of Us Part II. The thing is, it’s not like other modes in other games.

New Game+ in Last of Us Part 2 is different, with a very unique twist—this will be different from the modes found in other action titles like Dark Souls, for example, where the difficulty scales to match your level—The Last of Us Part II instead has the same things as any other difficulty mode. If you’re playing on Normal on your first run, you will play within the constraints of Normal in an NG+ run.

New Game+ in Last of Us Part 2 will give you access to all of your weapons from the first run. You will also get all the skills, crafting upgrades and other unlocks you had too. The thing that does change is that all the items and collectibles are being respawned. Keep in mind that resources will be less common though. Players will find that this mode is the only way to create the perfect form of Ellie via all the upgrades and unlocks.

The NG+ runs will add the enemies and other elements back into the game world, and you start over from the top. If you missed a trinket or collectible, this is what you need to do to get them all. You can’t go back in the story once you have completed the story. There’s no level select in this game once you’re done, so you’re stuck with this mode.

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And if you want to speed things up, the developer has included an option in the menu that will highlight items you have already picked up in previous runs. This will make hunting collectibles a bit easier.

You can quit your NG+ mode at any time. This means that the only real incentive is to use New Game+ in Last of Us Part 2 to collect the items you missed, and then use the chapter select option to jump between each level in the game. So if you’re just hunting items, this is the best way.

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