How to Quickly Earn VC in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 PC System Requirements

VC in NBA 2K21 is the in-game currency that can be spent on various upgrades and unlocks. Use this guide to learn all about VC in NBA 2K21. We’re going to cover both what you can get with VC, as well as how you can quickly farm the resource you need.

What to spend VC on?

VC is the in-game currency 2K uses for many of its sports games these days. You earn it through play, then spend it on unlocks. You can unlock arenas and team apparel with it. You can also get moves and animation sets for your created avatars.

You can also spend the VC in both the MyGM and MyTeam modes. You can unlock packs for new players, as well as customization options for the MyGM options that you have. These VC are vital to upgrading your team and winning games in these modes.

How to Quickly Earn VC in NBA 2K21

There are a few different methods you can use to get plenty of VC in NBA 2K21. There are three primary methods for farming VC. As you play the game, you will figure out what these are. But in case you want a leg up on the competition, here’s what you need to know.

MyCareer Games

Keep in mind that the MyCareer VC rewards only trigger if you’re playing while connected to the internet. 2K does this to force ads on you and prevent cheating, Take that for what you will.

Playing the MyCareer games and events are the best way to get tons of VC. The sports game will be throwing the unlocks at you as long as you keep playing. The better you play in games, the more VC you earn. The points are rewarded based on points scored, blocks, assists, rebounds and steals. The more highly effective players can farm thousands of VC per game.

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Players who get into the pros will earn a VC salary as long as they play on a team. Even if you’re a worse player and are not the first-5 starter, you can still earn a bit of these points. And with better play you earn more endorsements that themselves earn even more VC.

Blacktop Mode

Blacktop Mode is a bit less fleshed-out, as it’s basically the streetball mode for this year. You can customize team sizes and game length by adjusting the points to be scored for a win. If you set the game to a 1v1 match with first to 5 being the scoring settings. That means you’re going to get a small bundle of VC each time you win a match. You can earn a few hundred VC per few minutes of effort.

Other Methods

MyLeague games offer one more option for those that like this gameplay option. As there’s no direct Franchise mode, that means those that liked those modes might have to default to these modes. The one thing you want to remember is that you can sim games to earn VC in MyLeague.  Just direct simming of seasons isn’t enough though. You need to enable Simcast Live for each individual game in the season. You will watch the game play out, and earn about 200 VC at the end. If you want a more passive way to farm, here’s the way to go.

Additionally, playing the MyNBA2K21 mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) will allow you to earn extra VC that can be spent in the game.

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