How to enter Vaults in Gunfire Reborn

How to enter Vaults in Gunfire Reborn

As you play through Gunfire Reborn, you may notice a few strange things. One of the more prominent manifestations of weirdness are the shiny purple portals dotted around. These strange portals lead to Vaults in Gunfire Reborn, a special zone with randomized layouts and a bunch of treasure inside.

To unlock these you need  Soul Essence. Soul Essence drops from enemies that you kill. You also need a specific skill earned by playing the game. You need to complete some parts of the game before being able to unlock the skill. Once you have some skill points available, open up the Talent tree. Head to the Expedition tree. You want to unlock the first skill, Exploration, to be able to use the Vaults.

Interact with the portals to be taken to the optional dungeon that are Vaults in Gunfire Reborn. Keep in mind that sometimes, you will need to deal damage to the portal entrance to fully expose it. If you see a portal to a Vault and can’t open it even with the skill, try blasting it. If you deal some damage to it, it should become interactive again.

The Vaults will be randomly generated, so there’s a chance that the levels won’t match your own. And expect a different layout on each run when you enter a new Vault. You’ll earn plenty of loot doing these runs, so get on them soon to maximize loot potential. Each time you find the chest at the end of the maze of corridors, pop it open to complete the run.

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