How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife

With each week in BitLife, there are new things to get done. The weekly challenges have stacked up over the years, and that means there’s always something to do. The Challenge Vault also adds all the historical challenges, that way you don’t miss something. The challenge this week is a bit of a weird one, and that’s OK. The Blonde Bombshell challenge means you need to slog through life, and then find your own form of beauty, in a way.

There are quite a few steps involved here, but they’re not too hard to get done. The biggest issues revolve around getting the Fame system unlocked, but this guide will layout some ways you can speed the process up. Keep reading to learn a bit more about how to finish the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife

The process is pretty easy compared to other challenges we’ve seen, so here are the steps:

  • Be Born a female in Los Angeles
  • Become a factory worker
  • Become a famous model after working in a factory
  • Master the piano
  • Pose for a scandalous magazine

Start by making your character in the USA, picking Los Angeles as your city. Be sure to make your character Female as well. FInally, you can speed up the process by using the God Mode addon to max out Looks and Smarts, that will help a lot after. If you don’t have that, you can do this manually without too much effort.

Becoming a factory worker is the easiest part of this whole thing, you really just need to get through High School then find the job. Just click on the Jobs menu on the main menu, then the Full-Time Jobs option. The listing of different jobs at the entry level will show up, and you need to pick the one you want. Look for the Factory Worker job listed as Factory Worker (Corporate) or Junior Factory Worker (Corporate). In case you cannot find that listing, age up using the + icon to refresh job offers. You can sometimes refresh the list by closing and reopening the app, but the overall first option is usually more reliable.

Becoming a model

To make unlocking your Fame menu easier, you need 100% looks and smarts as a starting point. Getting there is just going to the Mind & Body tab and doing things like hitting up the Gym, going for walks and other exercise. After that, maintain your Looks throughout your life by going to the Gym, or going on a diet. Just make sure to constantly work out each year and your Looks stat will stay around 100%. The Smarts stat will involve plenty of annual trips to the library and reading books.

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Once you’re ready to become a model, you need to hunt down the right job. You will be looking for the Foot Model job in the same menu that you found the Factory Worker one. It’s a start job for sure, and you need to put some time into working up the ranks. The goal is to get the Runway Model, which will take a few years. You will need to use the Work Harder option each year you age up, do this via the Job tab and clicking your job. The layout of model jobs is listed below:

  • Foot model
  • Hand model
  • Catalogue model
  • Lingerie model
  • Runaway model

Once you get up the ranks, you can then start working on your Fame. To become a fully-fledged and famous model in BitLife, it takes some good RNG, and hard work. After you get promoted all the way to the top, the odds of the Fame meter unlocking go way up. Once it’s unlocked, you can move on to the last couple of steps.

Master the piano and pose for a scandalous magazine

You can visit the Instruments tab from the Mind & Body section and choose Piano to start practicing. You can actually do this very early in life and get your parents to pay for lessons. The goal is to get the meter fully green, signifying 100% skill with this instrument.  Each session may cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000, and that cost is why you may want to do this earlier in life, rather than later.

Once you’re a famous model, you can then use the Fame menu to finish up the Blonde Bombshell Challenge in BitLife. The final step is to click on the Fame button, then click on the Photo Shoot option. The resulting offer for a photo shoot is random. You need to pose for an Adult magazine to finish the challenge. If you click on the magazine offer, you will see what type of offer you’re getting. Wait for a nude offer and the accept that to finish the challenge.

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