How to Craft Guns in Biomutant

How To Craft Guns In Biomutant

Biomutant is a new THQ Nordic RPG that seems to be taking the internet by storm. Though the RPG is simple compared to some other genre entries, don’t let that fool you. There is a ton of depth to its mechanics. One of the many ways that the developers have gotten players hooked is through robust crating. Players will find various common items like pencils, rulers and other innocuous-sounding stuff, and fashion them into deadly weapons. Add to that the inclusion of furry animals, and you have one cute and chaotic game.

When crafting, you have a lot of options. You can choose from a variety of ranged and melee weapons. And you can also make a bunch of armor sets. Combining effects and stats from the various sets you make is important to survival.

How to Craft Guns in Biomutant

Open the Craft menu, select “Ranged Weapons,” and “Craft New Ranged.” You can also choose to Craft Melee if you’re after that kind of thing. This will allow you to use any parts you have on hand to make a new firearm of some kind. the parts you put in affect what you get out. You just need to tinker with the system to figure out what works best.

You will see that each weapon or armor piece in the crafting menu has a listing for Rarity, Quality and Material. The first two stats affect how rare the drops are, and may also add unique mods to said item. The final one is simply the measure of how difficult it is to craft. The rarest and most powerful items can take a lot of materials.

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Pay attention to the Crit chance, Attack Speed and other stats when making weapons. Be sure to check the crafting recipe against what you currently have to ensure an improvement.

How To Craft Guns In Biomutant

What can you modify?

There are actually a few parts of each weapon. Some can be modified, while others can’t. Ranged Bases, Grips, Muzzles, Stocks, Top Mods, and Magazines are the various types of components that make up the most ranged weapons in Biomutant.

There are three primary elements to each weapon, which can each be modified depending on what parts you have. The Base. the Grip and the Muzzle are all three upgradeable parts. As long as you have those three parts, you can make a surprising number of guns from within the game. You can also disassemble any gun back into its component parts as well, if you wish to use those components to craft guns in Biomutant.

The drops for parts and guns that can be broken down are randomized. Even the names of the guns you make are randomly generated, so don’t expect too much consistency in what you get. It’s important to consider what kind of enemies and challenges you’re facing when making weapons. If you’re opting for a long-range gun against fast enemies that close on you quickly, you might be in trouble. Maybe choose a more suitable fast fire-rate weapon in those instances.

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