How to change your character’s diet and eat food in BitLife

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You don’t need to eat food to stay alive in BitLife, you can do it to change things about your character. This game is pretty heavy on roleplaying, so it’s a good thing to include. You can however alter your diet instead of having to worry about eating. To handle that, it’s like pretty much everything else in the game. When you want to change your diet, here’s what you can do.

Select the Mind & Body tab under Activities, which fully unlocks when you age up to 18. Once there you will want to scroll through and find the option to change your diet. When you do that it doesn’t change much upfront. If you do it, there is a stat impact. For any challenges that require high Health stats, you may want to focus on certain diets. Choose the diet you want to use. You can swap it out again when you age up again. So that means there’s a cooldown to change your diet in BitLife.

One thing to keep in mind is that each diet is basically a paid service. You need to pay a certain amount for each diet every month, and the price will differ for each option. Also, keep in mind, the selection of diets in the game will vary by country. So if you don’t see an option, that may be why.

Here are all of the diets in BitLife you can choose from. Each one will either increase or decrease your Body stats to raise or lower your Health.

  • Atkins (decreases health)
  • High Calorie (decreases health)
  • Hot Cheetos (decreases health)
  • Jenny Craig (increases health)
  • Keto (increases health)
  • Mediterranean (increases health)
  • Nutrisystem (increases health)
  • Paleo (increases health)
  • South Beach (increases health)
  • Tapeworm (decreases health)
  • Vegan (increases health)
  • Weight Watchers (increases health)
  • Whole 30 (decreases health)
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When you pick a diet in BitLife, you don’t really need a reason to. You might want to complete a challenge once in a while. And since some challenges need a certain diet, you will want to keep this in mind.

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