How to get Training Points in Madden 22

How to get Training Points in Madden 22

Players are getting a ton of new and improved things in Madden NFL 22. There’s so much to this game this year, that it’s a lot to learn. EA has pushed the MUT mode pretty hard, as it’s a core focus for improving your players in various modes. There’s a lot more to this game though, hence all these game guides for it. Players will want to learn all they can about MUT, as it’s very important. But that’s not all.

Players’ customization options have expanded a ton, for one thing. Take The Yard, you could make your own character, but they were locked to that mode last year. Madden 22 aims to change that. The Avatar in Madden 22 will apply across many more gameplay modes. Speaking of gameplay modes, you have a lot to learn about how to upgrade your teams. That’s where things like the Team Captain Tokens come into play. Another common currency you need to make use of is Training Points in Madden 22.

Training Points are what you use to make your players better. Each player going up in OVR score costs a certain amount of points. It also scales the cost based on the skill of your player. A high-value player will cost more Training points to unlock higher tiers and better abilities. And since this is the best way to get Superstar Abilities and X-Factors, you’re going to be doing this stuff a lot.

How to get Training Points in Madden 22

There are two primary methods you want to use to get more Training Points in Madden 22. The two methods will depend on how well you can play. While there are many ways to get Training Points in Madden 22, these two ways offer the most return for your effort. These are both very different. If you have a ton of extra cards you’re not planning to use, there’s one way that’s much better for you. Let’s talk about that one first.

Quicksell Players

The best possible way to get more Training Points is to Quicksell players from your roster. This is different than the Auction House, as you will just immediately convert the card into a raw pile of Points. This helps a lot with players you don’t plan to trade or make better. This can be based on the type of card as well.

Most cards will convert into Training Points, then there’s the Platinum Quicksell.  A card on Platinum Quicksell must be 80 to 88 Overall, and have a golden highlight on the bottom of the card to be eligible. Instead of Points, you get Coins for doing this, so keep that in mind. Here are the point values for a Platinum Quicksell.

  • 80 OVR – 13,000 Coins
  • 81 OVR – 18,000 Coins
  • 82 OVR – 26,000 Coins
  • 83 OVR – 39,000 Coins
  • 84 OVR – 56,000 Coins
  • 85 OVR – 82,000 Coins
  • 86 OVR – 120,000 Coins
  • 87 OVR – 170,000 Coins
  • 88 OVR – 250,000 Coins
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The amount of Points earner per sale scales with the player’s ability. The higher the OVR score of a player, the more they’re worth. The minimum you can get any Training Points for is 62, which gives a paltry 4 points. The highest you can get goes as high as 10,000 Training Points. Here’s the breakdown for the number of points you get for a basic Quicksell:

  • 62-65 OVR– 4 Training Points
  • 66-69 OVR – 6 Training Points
  • 70 OVR – 10 Training Points
  • 71 OVR – 12 Training Points
  • 72 OVR – 15 Training Points
  • 73 OVR – 18 Training Points
  • 74 OVR – 21 Training Points
  • 75 OVR – 26 Training Points
  • 76 OVR – 31 Training Points
  • 77 OVR – 38 Training Points
  • 78 OVR – 46 Training Points
  • 79 OVR – 56 Training Points
  • 80 OVR – 110 Training Points
  • 81 OVR – 160 Training Points
  • 82 OVR – 230 Training Points
  • 83 OVR – 340 Training Points
  • 84 OVR – 490 Training Points
  • 85 OVR – 710 Training Points
  • 86 OVR – 1.030 Training Points
  • 87 OVR – 1.500 Training Points
  • 88 OVR – 2.180 Training Points
  • 89 OVR – 3.150 Training Points
  • 90 OVR – 5.000 Training Points
  • 91 OVR – 7.000 Training Points
  • 92 OVR – 10.000 Training Points

But, there’s one more method worth mentioning.

Complete MUT Challenges

The second best way to earn Training Points is by playing and completing all available MUT Challenges for each cycle. This is in addition to the other rewards offered for finishing these challenges. Like any other reward farming, focus on the areas you’re best at if you’re looking for the fastest possible rewards. The Solo Challenges are pretty good, as are the Head to Head options.

You will need to head into the MUT menu and look for the Challenges tab. Choose something you’re good at. Or if you prefer, a simpler challenge. I

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