How to get started with Secrets of Gloomrot

Secrets of Gloomrot

Secrets of Gloomrot is the latest new expansion for V Rising, out today at the time of writing. Specifically, the expansion brings a new map, spell school, jewels that modify spell powers, legendary weapons, and plenty more. The update has a ton of new stuff both visible to the player and under the hood. Here’s a rundown on what to expect when you boot the update for the first time.

We’re going to assume you’re playing on a new server that’s been reset prior to the update, or playing on your own machine. Once you’ve finished downloading the 3 GB patch for the update, you can launch right into the game. You’ll get a warning about servers and saves being reset, an that’s a necessity to populate the new areas of the map, so don’t feel too bad.

According to the V Rising Gloomrot web page, players can “enter a massive new zone with two unique areas twisted in the pursuit of cruel science.” The new update will feature a complete revamp of Vardoran, including new bosses to fight and secrets to uncover. In all, there will be 30 new enemy types and 13 new V Blood Carriers.

There’s so much that’s changed that it’s impossible to cover it all here. But lets go over a few of the big things a returning player might want to know. Aside from the big new zones and bosses added to the game, there are a bunch of new mechanics. An entirely new magic system has been added for one thing. The V Rising Gloomrot update will also see NPC traders added to the game, which allow players to barter for items and expand their empire through different means.

Beyond that, there’s a much bigger build limit this time, up from the 250-tile maximum of the base game. Now, players can cover up to 600 tiles on the map with one max-level castle, depending on server settings. This is due to a major change that finally added multiple floors to your castles. Vamps can finally build more than one floor to their domain. So you’re going to need all that extra space. You can even expand your inventory now too with specialized resource bags for Gems, Research items and other stuff.

What to do when starting Secrets of Gloomrot?

When you first boot the game, you will start in the same place you did before the update, a decrepit tomb deep in the wilderness. If you’ve changed the server settings, you can actually start with higher-level gear and research unlocked by default. This is helpful if you want to jump right to the endgame content without the grind of the new update. There are options for endgame gear and/or endgame crafting mats to be added to your inventory when you start. This option will save a bunch of time in the early game as you can rush to unlock the basic research. If you’re a returning player, it’s a very good idea to turn on the research unlocks and some basic Level 30 or so gear to begin a run of Secrets of Gloomrot.

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The core idea of the expansion is basically the same as the base game. You need to build up resources and unlock more powerful abilities as you go along. The core focus is once again on using the Blood Tracker to track down bosses and go on the hunt.

Secrets of Gloomrot new Blood Tracker

The grind to get to even this early point will take some work. You’ll need to go on the hunt for basic resources by the hundreds. Don’t worry about building your big grand castle when you first start. Focus on getting a starter base up first, then you can pick a final location for your base later. Although if you’re playing a PvP mode, you may have to be a bit more careful about where you place your spawn point and base infrastructure.

To get started, you’re going to need as many as you can carry of these basic resources:

  • Wood
  • Plant Fibre
  • Stone
  • Stone Bricks
  • Blood Essence
  • Rugged Hide
  • Planks

Most of these will drop in small amounts from the Bandit Camps in the Farbane Woods. As you unlock the Blood Tracker and new research you will eventually need a lot more materials to craft better weapons and armor as well. Farming the low-level drops will be crucial in the early game. Clearing out the rocks and trees around your chosen base site is a good way to get enough resources for a simple castle. Beyond that, it’s all about farming for resources.

Prowl around during the night, ambushing NPC patrols where you can. Raid Bandit Camps and weaker boss locations where you can. Be on the lookout for chests that can contain valuable items in all these set spawn locations. The higher the level of the enemies in that base, the better the resources found in their chests. The starting woods has plenty of sub-level 30 enemies to raid and the first couple of bosses and mini-bosses you find aren’t too challenging. Be careful of things like Treants though, those stuns are nasty.

You could also use V Rising console commands to get this done even faster. Be sure to check out our other guides on scrolls, and other materials like fish oil. Other upgrades like Whetstones are pretty useful as well. Other aspects of the game can help with your journey, like farming in V Rising and growing stuff from seeds. Seeds harvested from bosses can be used to grow unique items for crating intriguing new armor. Some of the best armor in the game is the Dark Silver gear, which is super powerful. And since you’re trying to get more powerful gear, leather can be helpful as well.

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