How to plant seeds in V Rising

V Rising

V Rising being a crafting-focused game, of course there’s farming too. You may be a powerful vampire trying to expand their territory, but you can’t do everything on your own. You need to recruit Servants to take care of missions for you. Players also need to hunt down rare and common resources for crafting, such as Gem stones and dust, or maybe Sulfur. That all is just the early game though, there’s so much more.

You will need to grow your own supplies and crafting materials at some point. Basic items like Corn and Cotton are just the beginning, there are so many more crops to manage. So, here’s our guide on how to plant seeds in V Rising.

How to plant seeds in V Rising

To unlock seeds, you first need to progress through the game. You will need to get leveled up a bit, then defeat the level 34 V Blood known as Polora the Feywalker who is located in the Farbane Woods. You can find them near the northern edge of the zone. Use the map below to get a good idea of where to look. You might want to bookmark the map from Map Genie if you need to find other bosses.

Polora the Feywalker

Seeds can from drops and vendors alike. You can easily figure out what bosses drop a seed that you want by using the Blood Altar in your base. This will allow you to check the spawn location and drop chance for a boss in the game. You can also find seeds in V Rising by checking the farms that spawn around the map. There’s a small chance to get your hands on seeds from the plants growing out in the wild.

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What can you get from seeds in V Rising?

You can plant the seeds of different crops onto any Dirt tile within your territory. The crops grow and then you get the resources from them. When you want to plant something, head over to a dirt tile or a Garden Floor area, select the Seed, and then use it as an item to plant it.

To get more seeds, you either need to loot bosses, or buy them from merchants for Silver. Here are all the planting seeds that can be purchased from the specific Merchants:

  • Gavyn, the Shady Dealer: You can purchase the seeds of Hell’s Clarion Spores, Mourning Lily, Fire Blossom, Blood Rose, and Snow Flower for 15 Silver Coins.
  • Berk the Travelling Trader: You can purchase the Sunflower Seeds for 45 Silver Coins.
  • Ottar the Merchant: Ghost Shroom Spores and Highland Lotus Seeds for 200 Silver Coins.
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