How to expand Territory in Secrets of Gloomrot

Secrets of Gloomrot

Secrets of Gloomrot is out for V Rising, and a lot of fans have a lot of questions. The game has changed a ton with this new patch, and that leaves a lot people wondering how all the new systems work. One of the core gameplay mechanics, building your castle, has been given a pretty big overhaul. The most notable change is the increasing of the max tile limit from 250 to 600 tiles. It’s worth noting that a server has to have that limit set to allow you to expand your Territory in Secrets of Gloomrot.

The old way of building your territory in V Rising is no more with the new update. The Territory in Secrets of Gloomrot will now expand in a much more refined way. Under the older patch, players had to manually place down territory borders using Blood Essence via the Build menu. The process meant that as you approached the 250 tile limit to your castles, you had to carefully plan where everything was going to go and maximize the use of space. Now, the limit has been massively increased and the process streamlined.

How to expand Territory in Secrets of Gloomrot

As you can see from the image above, the build menu has been altered a bit. You can see the old glowing blue territory borders in this patch, but you don’t have to place them down manually. Instead, the borders expand automatically based on where you place the floors that actually make up your castle. When you place a floor tile, that allows you to build connected walls, floors and other constructions. You don’t have to place down a floor tile though, as long as you’re building within the glowing blue border, you can place down Tombs, Workbenches and other constructions too. You do still have to worry about making proper connections through floors to expand your territory.

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The minimap has also been updated to show the areas controlled by a given player. Areas under your control and within possible castle borders will glow blue.

Another major change is the inclusion of multiple floors to your castle. Now, to build a new level, you just place down a set of stairs. Keep in mind that the top of the stairs needs to land within your possible territory in order to expand to a new floor, no building outside the bounds of the map is possible with this new system.

You can build a total of three floors to your castle. Attempting to build any higher will give a warning about castle height limit. The thing to note is that the limit applies starting at the highest point of the ground. So if you’re building on the top of a multi-level natural rock formation, you can still build up two more floors.

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