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EVE Online In Development, February 2018 Edition

9-4RP2 Keepstar Fight

On February 6, CCP released a new episode of In Development, where Senior QA Analyst CCP Antiquarian walked players through several of the planned changes in the upcoming February 13th patch for EVE Online.  Changes include major changes to functionality and behaviors for Upwell structures, changes to all assault frigate ships. There’s also some new modules like the Assault Damage Control Unit.

CCP also praised players for their feverish effort that made Project Discovery a huge success. Players are also asked to continue submitting feedback for the structure systems as CCP works to bring Upwell 2.0 to life. Finally, CCP has called for video submissions for the 15th anniversary FanFest later this year.

The 15th anniversary FanFest, scheduled for April 12th to 14th is looking for some cool content from the EVE Online community.  Past content has included advertisements and information about alliances, corporations, and other related content. Additional information and submission requirements can be found in a recent news posting from CCP.

As we covered previously, CCP announced that they had adjusted their initial plans for the first phase of Upwell 2.0 after the battle of 9-4RP2 that caused a bit of controversy over server issues.

CCP Falcon had quite a bit to talk about when it came to the record-setting battle. More than 6,100 players where directly involved, with thousands more waiting to jump in. 9-4RP2 was the largest battle to date in EVE Online. Overall, the tone was that CCP is working as hard as possible on trying to ensure that the kinds of massive battles and emergent gamemplay that EVE is known for can continue to happen and evolve over time. Players are encouraged to continue helping CCP refine their ideas on future improvements to the game.

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