How to have 100% Looks and Smarts in BitLife

How to complete the Beast and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

BitLife being a digital life sim, it makes sense that your choices affect your character in myriad ways. 100% Looks and Smarts in BitLife forms the core of a maxed-out character in the game. The reason you will want to do this is to get certain events to fire, as well open up more job opportunities. The better your stats, the better you’re going to do in the game. Keep reading to learn a bit about how each system works. The basics are simple, but there’s a ton of things to worry about in the minutiae. This guide lays the core ideas out, as well as some things to watch out for when raising your stats in BitLife.

How to have 100% Looks and Smarts in BitLife

The stats in this game are determined entirely by the combination of your starting stats, and the choices you make. Be a shiftless layabout who doesn’t take care of yourself, and you’ll pay the price. On the other hand, keep focused on improving yourself, and you’ll do fine.

There are three core attributes in the game: Health, Looks and Smarts.

The basic idea is that each one locks you behind certain events or opens certain doors. The lower your stats, the worse you’re going to do. This is because almost every lucrative career, such as politician, movie star, or surgeon, requires you to have at least a couple of stats as close to 100% as you can get. You could use the God Mode DLC to force it, but there are plenty of free ways in-game to get this done. Each activity can affect your stats a certain number of times per year, So do each thing listed below a couple of times, then do all your other goals before aging up. Repeat this loop for a few years and you should have 100% Looks and Smarts in BitLife.

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Looks can be raised by:

  • Going to the Gym or the Spa (Both found in the Activities menu)
  • Practicing Martial Arts
  • Going for a brisk walk
  • Going to a Tanning or Waxing Salon (under the Salon & Spa Tab)

Smarts can be raised by:

  • Going to the Library or Reading Books (Both found in the Activities menu)
  • Studying Harder in school

Once you’ve maxed out to 100% Looks and Smarts in BitLife, you’re pretty much golden. There’s one more thing to be aware of: Health.

And in case you were wondering, Health is linked pretty closely to Looks.  Managing Health is a bit more random and unpredictable, but not impossible. The core thing affecting health is, well, health issues. Avoid drinking and drugs for a start, that helps a lot. Make sure to go to the doctor often as well to get a checkup for diseases and other issues. Exercise often, go on a diet in BitLife, just generally take good care of yourself. Do these things and you’ll have capped stats in no time.

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