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Warriors Orochi 4 announced, gets a trailer and some screenshots

Warriors Orochi 4

The latest Famitsu has confirmed the development platforms and new details for Warriors Orochi 4.

The magazine confirms the game is being developed for PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming Musou title Musou Orochi 3, which will be called Warriors Orochi 4 in the western release.

Check out the trailer below.

Warriors Orochi as a franchise has been a fixture of the hack-and-slash genre for more than a decade. And with its eve-expanding retinue of characters with incredible and over-the-top abilities, the game has always had a charm all its own. It appears that Warriors Orochi 4 will be no different, at least in some respects, as the game features a truly astonishing roster of more than 170 characters.

The game is even adding several mythical Olympians to its stable. The first confirmed entry is Zeus. It’s been confirmed that Zeus will play a central role as the antagonist of the game.

Several Japanese game blogs have posted further information found in the magazine. You can find that information and some more details just below. You’ll also find some magazine scans of screenshots from Warriors Orochi 4 too.

The story of this new video game picks up right where Warriors Orochi 3 left off, namely after the ending where all the crossover characters from other Musou titles were returned to their in-game universes, and subsequently lost their memories of the events of the Warriors Orochi franchise. Yes, a bunch of in-game universes filled with ancient warriors in eternal conflict is the plot of these games.

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In terms of gameplay mechanics, Koei Tecmo are adding a whole new suite of customization and upgrade options to this game that dwarf all the previous entries in the series. There’s a lot of new costumes for a variety of characters to unlock, for example. But in addition, there’s a whole new inventory system centered around using a new class of items called Sacred Treasures. These new items unlock super powerful abilities called Divine Techniques for the character that has them equipped. And being that Warriors Orochi 4 is a Musou game, expect some really unique and quite absurd abilities to be unlocked in this manner.

As of writing, we know that the game will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in Japan around Fall 2018. However, the devs noted that the PC release will follow after the other platforms.

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