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The House of the Dead 1 and 2 are getting remade

The House of the Dead 1 and 2 Remakes Announced

Yes, you read that headline correctly, The House of the Dead 1 and 2 are getting remade sometime in the near future. Based on information that appeared online this week, Forever Entertainment has signed on to work on full remakes of both of these classic zombie shooters. If you remember these standup arcade games, the prospect of grabbing them with an entirely new visual style might be pretty exciting. Although without the iconic Light Gun tech that made the arcade versions so much fun, it’s going to be a hard sell for some more hardcore fans.

The series dates all the way back to 1996, and it has all the campy nonsense to prove it. The original games use the Sega Model 2 cabinet setup which powered some of the best arcade games ever made, if you’re into really early pseudo-3D games that were created when developer were still grappling with effective design within three dimensions. I mean Virtua Fighter 2 ran on this hardware, so it was definitely used to great effect. I have to wonder though, how exactly the legendary look and feel of this particular series will handle the transition to a completely new generation.

If you somehow don’t remember these arcade classics, I’m not surprised, but just to jog your memory, here’s a trailer for one of the games.

Arcade Shooters Reborn

Seeing these iconic 90’s games coming back into fashion is strange to some, myself included, but it’s very hard to deny the charm and campy appeal of this particular franchise. The admittedly terrible voice acting and writing of games like The House of the Dead and Time Crisis was a core component of what people seemed to enjoy about those kinds of games. The gameplay was a rather simple rails shooter, so there is not much to sink ones teeth into in that regard.

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It probably also helps that zombie games tend to have a little more staying power across gaming generations, even when they’re objectively terrible. I still remember bits and pieces of that super generic and terrible Land of the Dead tie-in, Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green, even though it was one of the worst games I can remember playing to completion more than once.

So who knows, maybe Sega is on to something here. No platforms or release dates have been confirmed, and the project is clearly still in the very early stages, but a lot of gamers are going to be paying close attention to this one.

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