How to Make a Command Block Teleporter in Minecraft

What does Respiration do in Minecraft?

There are many strange things you can build in Minecraft. Players can make mob farms to get loot. You could farm potion ingredients and other items with a dedicated setup. One of the more nefarious things you can do is make traps. Players can get lava dumped on their heads or even be dumped in a sealed chamber filled with water. You can also use command blocks to teleport other players to certain areas.

Map creators use a command block teleporter in Minecraft, for this reason, all the time. The command block teleporter in Minecraft is one of the many items you can make to handle these tasks. You can type in /give (your minecraft username) minecraft:command_block. it will give you 1 command block. You will also need a button or pressure plate.

The placement is kind of important. The button or plate must be within one block of the command block. Other than that, you’re pretty much fine to do whatever. Placing the command blocks is dependent on how you want to make the system work as a whole. The core idea is that you use a Redstone signal to apply the command. This means that a button or pressure plate can allow you to use a teleporter to move players around. The maps can make for some very interesting mazes by using these contraptions.

So just place the command blocks you wish to use as the inlet for the teleporter and then attach a button or pressure plate to them. by placing a block on top of the command one. Now that you have both command blocks placed, it’s time to set the commands themselves. The way in which you use these commands does matter.

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How to Make a Command Block Teleporter

Here are some basic commands you can use to make the teleporter work. The basic premise is the /tp or /teleport command. You can use this with modifiers to apply the move action to any or all players in a world. Here’s the command at its most basic.

/teleport @s [destination]

The destination is entirely dependent on X, Y and Z coordinate data. Pressing F3 to bring up the debug menu in-game can give you that data. Just use the command with the coords put in. That way, whenever someone pushes the button that carries a signal to the command block, they get teleported to that spot.

There are several variables you can add. Each one of these can change who gets moved, or where they get moved to. Here are the available variables:

  • @a – Selects all living players
  • @s – Selects the player that interacted with the block
  • @e – Selects all entities
  • @r – Selects a random player
  • @p – Selects the nearest player to the Command Block

And that’s how you make a command block teleporter in Minecraft.

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