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The Surge 2 shows off story and setting in new trailer

The Surge 2 Story Trailer

Another day, and more gaming news to be talked about, this time it’s all about the newest game developer Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive , The Surge 2. This new sci-fi action title blends a brutally unforgiving techno-dystopia with bloody and furious combat to create a world that’s equal parts robotic horror story and techno-organic Dark Souls. And while the narrative depth of the original game was a bit shaky for some, it looks like the teams behind the franchise are working on improving that in this sequel, at least judging from the new story trailer that just dropped.

The story looks to be a lot more desperate this time around. Whereas in the first game the ongoing collapse humanity was just beginning as the cyberpunk future many crave turned into a worst nightmare,  leading to a period of bloodshed fueled by crazy cyborgs, the new game turns that dial of chaos and bloodshed up to 11 and then breaks it off. It looks promising, and we can certainly see that the scope has improved, offering new characters and potentially new factions to pal around with.

The Surge 2 is scheduled to come out on September 24th this year. It is due for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, so get ready to take on some mechanical horrors in this new sequel. If you need to be more prepared, why not take a look at some of the other gameplay footage from Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive about this new title.

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There was an early sneak peek at the game a few months back, which showed an early version of the game which included new levels and enemy designs for fans to gawk over. All in all, it made The Surge 2 look even better than the first game. And to go along with this new story trailer, which can be seen below, we also got to see some elements of the setting and combat in another trailer. That combat looks just as brutal as ever, with plenty of tactical awareness and judicious ability use being the name of the game.

The latest trailer introduces us to the main character, and how they ended up in this weird techno nightmare. The viewer meets a strange little girl named Athena, who leads the player around by the nose. The game’s story will offer a few more twists and turns, and these new elements will likely tie directly in with little Athena here, expect things to get strange.

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