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EVE Echoes, Now in Open Beta on iOS and Android

EVE Echoes Teaser Trailer

If you’ve been wanting to get back into EVE Online, but don’t want to jump all the way in, CCP has a new option for you. if you want a version of the sandbox MMO you can play in the middle of your public transit trip, daily commute, or just a stroll, there’s a new mobile game that’s just warped into beta, and is live now. It’s called EVE Echoes.

The core gameplay is peak mobile gaming. The gameplay is pretty familiar as an EVE Online player, but with a very unique twist. There’s travelling around between star systems to various planets and stations at the most basic level. Players can also trade and battle with each other in a trimmed down version of the PC game’s mechanics.

The beta also introduces drones, more advanced ships and additional modules to add to your ships. There’s enough depth here to even customize fits and the like, adding a minified version of the EVE meta-game to the mobile port.

CCP will be partnering with Chinese company NetEase to developer EVE Echoes. And yes, that’s the same company working on Diablo Immortal, and have also been involved with Knives OutWestward Journey Online, and Rules of Survival. Some fans will have some immediate red flags going up with that bit of information, take it for what your will.

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The company previously released another teaser trailer for EVE Echoes, check that out too if you’re really keen.

EVE Echoes is out right now, although be aware it’s still in a Beta state. So anyone who takes part in this phase will be expecting bugs, crashes and various errors to be all over the place. If you’re fine with that, then this might be the mobile game for you as an EVE fan. You can download EVE Echoes on Android and iOS now.

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