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Winter Nexus is coming to EVE Online on December 10

Winter Nexus is coming to EVE Online on December 10

CCP has announced a three-week-long series of events coming to EVE Online for the holidays. The big crux of the event is a new mixed content type called Volatile Ice Storms. You can find Volatile Ice Storms in High, Low, and Null Security Space and then engage with them for a mix of PvE and PvP content. Scanning these down is just the first part, you can then mine for rare resources, and brawl with other players for the privilege of getting their first.

And with all the junk CCP has done to make making ISK harder with their “scarcity” changes, one can see a fair amount of competition for these items and rewards going on.

Beginning on December 10 and through January 5, there will be extra rewards as well. Players can earn 13 days’ worth of extra login rewards by going through the event for the next three weeks. The 13-day login rewards will be in addition to the current daily login rewards. SKIN crates, snowballs, and Skill Points will be given out. If you’re a paid Omega subscriber, you also get a bonus reward each day. That 13th day is the one you really want as you can get 200,000 SP in one go. Another 50,000 SP can be claimed as well during the event.

The Chilling Spree daily challenges also make a return, with players engaging in PvP and PvE to earn more SP. The Ice Storm Filaments, Yoiul SKINs and the Abyssal Proving Grounds will also augment the festivities with more stuff to do. So if you’re after pretty much any style of gameplay, there’s something to enjoy in EVE Online’s Winter Nexus.

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