Guide to Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077

How to use Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077

Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077. or Daemons as they’re called, are extremely useful tools. Under normal conditions, you need to interact with the hacking mini-game in order to get through locked doors and other obstacles. There is one way to bypass it though. You can use something called a Quickhack. These are limited-use abilities that allow you to bypass certain locks or other security measures.

The normal hacking mini-game is all about picking out the right sequence of letters and numbers when you can in the randomized grid. You can gain extra attempts and new combinations by buying hacking upgrades, but that’s beyond this guide. It can be fun, but some players might find it tedious, here’s how you can bypass it.

How to Quickhack

To be able to Quickhack, you will need a Cyberdeck. These special items are related to specific abilities like Short Circuit, which can be used in combat or other situations to bypass security or stun enemies. The contents of your Cyberdeck are your lifeblood as a hacker, so keep checking vendors to see what they might have in stock. You can open up your inventory and choose the Cyberdeck option to see what you have on hand.

You can alter what hacks you have active by going into this menu and looking at the grid to the right. This grid can be swapped out with any active components to gain new abilities.

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When to use Quickhacks

Trigger your sensor ability and scan an area, this will highlight any potential hacks in the area. Keep in mind that some will be harder than others, and you’re not always meant ot hack something as soon as you find it.

Remember though, Quickhacks and other Cyberdeck abilities are meant to be situational. To place a Quickhack from this grid into the cyberdeck, simply double click on it. Only hacks placed in this way can be used in-game, so keep experimenting and find a combo that works for you. The other thing to remember is RAM.

Each Quickhack will have a RAM cost that will be consumed when you activate the hack. The more RAM you have, the more powerful options you can have in your deck. Again, keep checking vendors to see what Quickhacks they have in stock, as it will change over time. You can also unlock new options as you level up Street Cred.

That’s all for Quickhacks in Cyberpunk 2077 for now, we’ll update this guide as more info becomes available.

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