How to complete the My Way Challenge in BitLife

My Way Challenge in BitLife

BitLife really is the ultimate life simulator. The mobile game will let you live out any number of digital lives with any number of different choices before you. Each week, the developers also release a bunch of new content. Often, the game gets new challenges to finish. Each BitLife challenge involves a series of tasks you need to get done to win. Each successful challenge gives your account a special reward. Here’s how to complete the My Way Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the My Way Challenge in BitLife

The biggest focus of this challenge is on getting famous. You will need to make sure you are a great solo artist, first and foremost. Here are each of the steps you need to finish:

  • Be born a male in New Jersey
  • Become a famous solo artist
  • Join the Italian Mafia
  • Acquire $1 million+ in lifetime casino earnings
  • Have 2+ albums hit double platinum or higher

This is pretty much a very mafioso challenge. You need to become the digital tribute to a certain legendary singer. Start by practicing your vocals in the Mind & Body tab when you get to age 12 or so. Your parents should pay for vocal lessons at this point, making it easier to train your skill. At the same time, make sure to commit petty thefts in the Crime tab as well.

Keep training until you get a green meter in your singing skill. When you do this, you can audition to join a band. To try out, head into the Occupation tab and try for Solo Artist under the Special Career option. Once you get an audition, you should get the job if you have enough skill. Doing all of this can unlock the potential to become a famous artist, which is very cool. But before that, you need to live a life of crime.

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Joining the Italian Mafia is pretty simple. You will want to try to do this first thing, after you get Fame unlocked. Go into the Crime tab under Mind & Body and start committing petty crimes. Don’t go right for violent crimes as you want to avoid prison. You need to build your criminal rep to get into the Italian Mafia. Do as much crime as you can when you’re young, as you’re much less likely to land in jail for it.

When you get a bit of rep, try to join. Open the Special Careers tab and head to Organized Crime, then try to join the Italian Mafia.

The next thing you need to do is to earn a platinum album and become hugely successful, and then do it again. This is based mostly on RNG and your Fame. As you do book tours and the like, make sure to keep that Fame meter full. As you have full Fame, work on new albums. Every couple of years, make sure to work on a new album to try and get new sales. Double platinum albums can take years to get, so be patient.

While you’re in the throws of your musical career, you will need to go gambling. You can play at a Casino in the Activities tab, underneath the Casino. You have a few options, like Blackjack, which make this much easier to do. To get the My Way Challenge in BitLife complete, you need to have $1 million+ in lifetime casino earnings. Just keep using your music fortune to gamble away until you get it.

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