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Dead Space remake launch trailer scares the pants off us

Dead Space Remake Launch Trailer

The gory classic horror franchise, Dead Space, is crawling back out of its cryocoffin. We’re only mere days away from the launch of Dead Space remake, a full rehash of the first game with redone visuals and updated controls. But that’s not all, lessons learned from later games in the franchise have been pushed forward in the remake as well.

So what’s in the remake, I hear some of you wondering, well that’s easy. One of the most obvious differences in the Dead Space remake is the improved visuals. The USG Ishimura is a much more deathly beautiful beast this time around. The necromorphs look a lot more necro-ey too. To show off the new effects, we’ve got a new launch trailer for the Dead Space remake, one which shows off all the gory details via the iconic intro sequence that fans know and love.

As for gameplay changes, we see details around movement and navigation in some sections have been retooled.  The game’s zero-G sections are much more freeform this time around. In the original first game, there was a very linear structure to these zones.

We even get a tease of changes made to Isaac’s model. And though that was a major secret in the first game, the successive sequels focused a lot less on that aspect of the mystery within the game. Instead, we got a lot more blood and action, to the chagrin of many fans. Especially after EA royally screwed up with Dead Space 3 by dropping so much of the horror elements and style to make a much more generic shooter game.

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We’re only about two weeks out from this stellar new remake. Fans are rather excited for a return to form for the iconic horror franchise, and genre as a whole. The journey of Isaac through literal hell and back is something which has needed the next-gen treatment for some time, and it’s amazing that it’s finally happened.

Check out the spooky new trailer below.

And if you’re very excited, the publisher is hoping you’ll pre-order the new game. Now, personal feelings about pre-orders aside, there is at least one cool reason to do so. Pre-orders of the Dead Space remake will net you a free Steam copy of Dead Space 2. So if you’re a fan that wants to dig deeper into the history of the franchise, and for some reason don’t already own the PC port, you could grab it technically for free. It could be that you might want to refresh what happens next in the story before jumping back into the remake, or you can play it however you like.

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