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Path of Exile announces Synthesis League challenge rewards

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

As is tradition with Path of Exile, the build-up to the newest expansion includes a variety of teases and speculation, and Synthesis League is no different. Grinding Gear Games has been teasing a lot these past few weeks, from new Hideouts, to new skills like Soulrend and Bane, and tons more content.

And now, we’re getting details on the Challenge League rewards for 3.6, all themed around the Synthesis League.

For those that don’t know, new leagues in Path of Exile feature a variety of Challenges, meant to represent both progress through the story and skill at defeating end-game bosses and grinds. There are usually 40 in total, but most players strive to complete 36 of these in the three months the leagues run for. Completing these challenges will earn special cosmetic items which can offer new themed skill effects, armor effects or other changes to your character’s appearance.

At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you will earn the Synthesis Crown, Synthesis Pet and Synthesis Wings respectively. Players can also earn pieces of a new hideout decoration for completing these levels of Challenges. This is the new Synthesis Totem Pole Hideout decoration.

Alongside these Challenge League rewards, GGG also introduced some more details about how certain mechanics will make the jump to Standard after the end of Betrayal League this week. Here is some information you’ll want to know about the migration:

  • Your azurite from the Betrayal league will be added to your Standard league azurite.
  • Your deepest Delve mine will be the one that remains in the parent league.
  • Your unveiled mods will be carried over to Standard but you’ll need to wait until you see Jun again before you can access them.

Path of Exile 3.6 is due to launch for PC and Xbox One on March 8th. The PS4 version of Path of Exile is due to launch later that month. Check out the trailer showing off the new cosmetic League rewards down below. Be sure to check back each day leading up to the launch as we publish our starter builds for 3.6, beginner’s guide to Synthesis League, and much more as we get ready for the new expansion in POE.

Source: POE Site

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