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How to perform a Mercy Kill in Warframe

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Mercy kills in Warframe allow you to instantly assassinate a target when they hit the threshold of 5% health or less. This makes taking out weaker enemies and bosses a lot more fun if you’re into the deadly assassin vibes. And performing them is often tied to challenges, so it’s good to learn how to do them well.

For starters, you need to keep an eye out for the red marker shown above the head of a vulnerable enemy. Any enemy you see with a red marker above their head is vulnerable to a mercy kill while that marker is visible. Also, keep in mind that stacking Impact damage can increase that 5% threshold by ten percent per stack. This makes it possible for some builds to chain Mercy kills, which is really cool.

All you have to do once you see that symbol is run up to them and hit the on-screen prompt to trigger the finisher. The kills play a little animation the gives you a bit of a visual reward. The animations play out with the Warframe using their Parazon to kill the target in various gruesome ways. So when you see that Tenno tool whip out and take an enemy out, get hype.

As for how useful Mercy kills in Warframe are, it boils down to how you set things up. The distinguishing factor between whether a finisher or Mercy kills is triggered comes down to how that Parazon is equipped. You can use these techniques to take down Kuva Liches, and Kuva Thralls or Larvlings, as well as many other bosses.

You can increase the chance of getting a mercy kill by equipping certain mods. Each of the mods that impact a Mercy Kill in Warframe can be found below. We also included their effects so you can see how they affect the process.

  • Blood for Life: 50% chance to create a Health Orb on Mercy.
  • Blood for Energy: 50% chance to create an Energy Orb on Mercy.
  • Blood for Ammo: Mercy refills magazine by 100%
  • Hit and Rune: On Mercy: +60% Parkour speed for 6 seconds
  • Out Of Sight: Blind Enemies with 18 meters on ‘Mercy’ kill.
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