How to beat the Elite Four Rika, Poppy, Larry, & Hassel

How to beat the Elite Four Rika, Poppy, Larry, & Hassel

The final set of Gym Leader battles is here as part of the main story of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These Trainers are not going to be easy, and you will need to prepare effectively. It’s highly recommended that most of your team be level 65 or higher to deal with these four Trainers. And since they’re all running eclectic mixes of Types, having more than one core team of Pokemon you can rely on is key. Here’s how to overcome Elite Four in Scarlet and Violet and get through the final part of the Path to Victory quest.

The thing with the Elite Test in this part of the game is that battles happen one after the other. You will need to be ready to take on all the Elite Four one after the other. Bring tons of Super Potions and Ethers to rest up your team between rounds.  With that in mind, keep reading to learn more about what you’re going to face. You’ll learn what Levels the Elite Four are and the weaknesses and counters of each of their teams.

How to beat the Elite Four Rika, Poppy, Larry, & Hassel

Once you’ve made it to the Champion Assessment and face the Elite Four in Scarlet and Violet, it’s time to put your serious face on. You will find a low-level Trainer right by the entrance, with another Triner further on. The second one has a level 56 Korokodile and a level 56 Ceruledge and will round out their team with a level 56 Bronzong. Take these two out, and stop over in the Pokemon Center for a heal. Once you get close, Geeta will greet you by the door and allow you to begin your test to become a true Champion.

How to beat the Elite Four Rika, Poppy, Larry, & Hassel

First up is Rika. This trainer is a Ground-focused fighter and has a fair bit of experience with fighting against counters used against them, so they’re not a pushover. And with them, comes a weird little questionnaire. Rika will also you various questions, and you can choose answers as you wish. However, if you answer incorrectly on questions like which Gym you found most challenging, you can fail this stage. So, just use the answers below to guarantee success in this phase.

  • I walked
  • Narnja Academy (Scarlet) / Uva Academy (Violet)
  • I came to become a champion
  • I want to find treasure
  • Medali Gym
  • Larry
  • Normal
  • Choose your own starter Pokémon here!
  • I want to find treasure
  • Yes

Here’s Rika’s team:

Pokémon Level Type Weaknesses
Whiscash 57 Water / Ground Grass
Camerupt 57 Fire / Ground Ground and Water
Donphan 57 Ground Grass, Ice and Water
Dugtrio 57 Ground Grass, Ice and Water
Clodsire 58 Poison / Ground
Terra Type: Ground
Ground, Ice, and Psychic
Terra Type: Grass, and Ice

Whiscash is a dual Water and Ground-type, so Grass moves will work well against it.  The base ground types will also be handled well by any Grass or Water types you have. Ice will have trouble against Camerupt, though, so be careful of that one.

Once you’re done with Rika, the second of the Elite Four in Scarlet and Violet is up, Poppy. Here’s Poppy’s team:

Pokémon Level Type Weaknesses
Copperajah 58 Steel Fire, Fighting and Ground
Bronzong 58 Steel / Psychic Dark, Fire, Ghost and Ground
Corviknight 58 Flying / Steel Electric and Fire
Magnezone 58 Electric / Steel Fire, Fighting and Ground
Tinkaton 59 Fairy / Steel
Terra Type: Steel
Poison, Fighting, Ground, Fire
Terra Type: Fighting, Ground, Fire
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Copperajah, Bronzong, Corviknight, Magnezone, and Tinkaton all share Fire as a common weakness, so taking a high-leveled Pokémon with a Fire move is highly recommended.

How to beat the Elite Four Larry

Here’s Larry’s team:

Pokémon Level Type Weaknesses
Tropius 59 Grass / Flying Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison and Rock
Staraptor 59 Normal / Flying Electric, Ice and Rock
Oricorio – Pom-Pom Style 59 Electric / Flying Ice and Rock
Altaria 59 Dragon / Flying Dragon, Fairy, Ice and Rock
Flamigo 60 Flying / Fighting
Terra Type: Flying
Electric, Fairy, Flying, Ice and Psychic
Terra Type: Electric, Ice and Rock

Tropius, Staraptor, Oricorio, Alraria, and Flamigo all share a weakness to Ice and Rock-type moves. So bring a good mix of those particular mvoes to bring this trainer down much easier. Avoid Fighting, Bug or Grass types as the Flying moves will treat you poorly. Electric is also a good backup option to have here, I used Raichu to great effect in finishing off a few of the Flying types on Larry’s team.

How to beat the Elite Four Hassel

Here’s Hassel’s team:

Pokémon Level Type Weaknesses
Noviern 60 Flying / Dragon Dragon, Fairy, Rock and Ice
Dragalge 60 Poison / Dragon Dragon, Ground, Psychic and Ice
Haxorus 60 Dragon Dragon, Fairy and Ice
Flapple 60 Grass / Dragon Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice and Poison
Baxcalibur 61 Dragon / Ice
Terra Type: Dragon
Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Rock and Steel
Terra Type: Dragon, Fairy and Ice

If you want to be super well-prepared, you would bring a mix of Dragon and Ice moves. That said, you will also be weak to his Dragon moves if you’re using a Dragon yourself, so Ice-types are pretty preferable in this case. Maybe consider swapping in your team if you have a Level 60+ Ice type that you can make use of. Charizard can be a pretty good choice here as you have Dragon moves without the weakness to Dragon moves. Its Fire moves can also give you a serious advantage against some of Hassel’s team.

Once you’ve beaten the Elite Four in Scarlet and Violet, you’re up for one more challenge. The final test will be the Champion Geeta, who is a much more effective Trainer than anything you’ve faced before.

If you’re struggling with previous areas of the game, we’ve got guides on a lot of things in Scarlet and Violet. Beating the Path of Legends via the Stony Cliff Titan, Open Sky Titan, Lurking Steel Titan, Quaking Earth Titan,  and finishing up with the False Dragon Titan. Then there’s all the Gym challenges to get here. Basic fights like Iono are pretty easy. But it gets more challenging.  The Water Gym Leader Kofu is a real tough battle. Larry the Normal Gym Leader, Ryme the Ghost Leader, getting deeper in you face the Psychic Gym. Then finishing off with the Ice Gym. And amid all of that is the Team Star storyline. Beating Team Star bosses GiacomoMela, Atticus, Ortega and Eri are all pretty strong. The secondary guides for Scarlet and Violet can be helpful too. You might want to learn about Breeding Pokemon, the Triple Masuda method, as well as how feathers work.

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