How to make turtle shells in Minecraft

How to make rails in Minecraft

There are many different items and tools to craft in Minecraft. There are a great many items that have boons and bonuses for the player. One of these is the Turtle Shells in Minecraft. In Minecraft, a turtle shell is a new armor item that will be available in the Aquatic Update (Java Edition 1.13). This item will give you the ability to breathe underwater as well as offering a bit of armored defense. The base level of the turtle shell’s armor is +2.

To craft a Turtle Shell, all you need is five Scutes, which are gathered from smaller turtles found within the game itself. You can get Scutes from the various baby turtles found out in the world. Once you have found it, simply feed it seagrass to speed up its growth into an adult. After enough time has passed and the baby turtle will grow very quickly, and it will drop a Scute. You need five of these to begin actually crafting the helmet.

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In the crafting menu, you will want to use five of these Scutes to make the shell helmet. Check the image below for the layout in the crafting table:

How to get turtle shells in Minecraft

Once you have the turtle shell you can equip it in your helmet slot to make things much easier when dealing with underwater adventures.

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