How to tame and breed boars in Valheim

How to Tame and Breed Boars in Valheim

Valheim is that kind of game that you’re going to spend a lot of time with. You will need to adventure all over its procedurally-generated world to uncover all of its secrets. There are monsters and loot all over the place, and you need to chop down some trees to make a new weapon. It sounds like it would be super boring and it’s actually not. The Viking lifestyle seems to suit quite a lot of people, as the game has already sold one million copies. So what’s keeping people engaged? It’s all those boars of course, OK, not really.

Although, it does seem like people like crafting and cooking. There are tons of recipes in the game. And aside from weapons and tools, you need tons of food to fuel your adventures. One of the best foods in the game is sausages. To make that, you need a ton of meat and some other materials. You can get the Raw Meat to make sausages from Boars in Valheim. But instead of hunting them, you can tame and breed Boars in Valheim, here’s how.

How to Tame Boars in Valheim

Before you can breed a bunch of piglets, you need to tame the beasts. The various creatures that you hunt, deer, boar and the like, all have food that they enjoy. Some animals like berries, others like Mushrooms. To tame boars, you need to have a lot of food to lure them back to your base. It’s a very good idea to have an enclosure set up before you lure a Boar back, as they will just run away if not penned in.

The foods that can be used in the taming process are mushrooms, berries, and carrots. You need to go out and find a Boar, then place a unit of food on the ground. The Boar will come over and eat it. You will need to repeat this process, slowly backing up toward your base as you do it. The trouble is, Boar can spawn anywhere within the Meadows biome, so you may have to trek to find one. And they won’t follow you forever if you don’t keep dropping food. Stay with them and keep placing food to get their attention.

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You will burn through a lot of food doing this, but the meat and leather are well-worth the efforts. Make sure not to spook the animal when trying to lure it back, as it can run away if you get too close.

The more food the Boar eats during this process, the tamer it will become. You will see an acclimatizing prompt pop up during this process. When that reaches 100%, you have tamed your boar. Now you just need to feed it regularly to keep it alive. Yes, these animals can starve to death. It’s a good idea to have a carrot garden going for this reason before you begin. Or at least have a huge supply of berries and mushrooms.

Now, this is where we get to making Piglets. Get two boars, and then read below for how to mate them.

How to Breed Boars and Make Piglets in Valheim

You need to place two or more Boars that have been tamed into the same pen. When the tamed boars are close together and fed, they will automatically begin to breed. Make sure not to have any noisy workbenches right by the pen, it can spook them. You will also want to sneak up when feeding them, as they can sometimes spook if you’re jumping around too much.

When you see two boar with hearts over their heads, they’re mating. Be sure not to disturb them and just keep them fed during this time. They will pop out a Piglet in short order. Just keep feeding and petting them and you’ll have a bunch of meat and leather in no time.

This is also a really good source for hides, as it’s not just useful for meat. You will need to keep expanding your pen, and growing more food, if you plan to get a bunch of pigs though. So be careful if you can’t manage enough Boars in Valheim.

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