How to make sausage in Valheim

How to get and smelt bronze in Valheim

Valheim is not an easy game. as one would expect from a Viking survival game filled with the undead and vicious beasts. The game is all about surviving by crafting your way out of a tough spot. You can make advanced weapons and tools, to then forge better gear. You can also get deep into cooking to make powerful potions and healing items. One of the best cooking items in the game is sausage in Valheim.

This item will restore 60 Health and 40 Stamina, with 3 HP being restored each second. You can of course get some better food by using the fishing rod, but it’s not a perfect solution. When you need to heal up and stay alive, you will need better food. Here’s what you need to do to make this very useful food.

You can survive on found fruits like blueberries and raspberries for a while, but it won’t last forever. The cold nights in this Viking land are unforgiving. You will need more substantive food like sausages and other cooking items. The Black Forest and Swamp biomes are much more dangerous, thus why you need better healing and survival items.

You need to take the following ingredients to a Cooking Rack to make sausage in Valheim:

  • 2 Entrails
  • 1 Raw Meat
  • 4 Thistle
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You can get the Raw Meat from hunting. These can be looted from the Deer and Boar found roaming the early Meadows and Black Forest regions. Make sure to keep grabbing them when you see them and cooking up the sausage when you have the ingredients. Until then, you can at least cook the basic meat in less-advanced recipes. The Entrails can be looted from Draugr, which means you’re headed to the Swamp areas of the game.

The real trouble is that Thistle. You can only find this glowing blue flower growing inside the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. You will also be restricted to finding it in these areas when it’s dark. That makes going out and hunting them down more dangerous, as you’re liable to encounter more enemies. Best have a few good weapons on-hand when you do this. You might want to take on getting the Stagbreaker or a good bow before you start trying to mass-produce sausage in Valheim.

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