When does winter start in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid

As a zombie game, there’s a lot to handle in Project Zomboid.  There’s a lot to keep track of, and players have to spend their time doing things like crafting weapons and farming food. But as this is meant to be a hardcore experience, the weather is a factor. Players have to deal with the heat of summer, as well as the shivering cold of winter. Winter in Project Zomboid will usually begin later in the year. Keep reading to learn what to expect during this time, and how to best survive it.

By selecting the Time tab in the game options, you can adjust when the game starts. There are other options here you can tweak as well. By default, the game begins in early July. And as the game’s nature model works on the eastern US climate, November is the start of winter in Project Zomboid. The conditions of colder weather and snow will last until February.  During this time, players will experience one of the harshest weather conditions in Project Zomboid. Colder temps make farming less viable, and you could easily freeze to death if it’s cold enough. And then there’s the massive amount of fog that can sometimes roll in, obscuring your vision. This mixture is lethal for less-prepared players.

It’s worth noting that this could change in the future. The planned updates to the game will add and alter features as they go. With all the planned additions, like NPCs, there’s a lot on the way.

How to survive winter in Project Zomboid

Surviving winter in PZ will not be easy. To make it through this trying time, you’re going to need a bunch of resources and tools. Gathering generators and gas is paramount. Being able to gather wood as well is a key part of staying warm. Even if you have fresh or frozen food, you won’t be able to live long with below-freezing temperatures. The issue with going out during winter to gather supplies is also made worse by increased risk of illness. This can negatively affect mood and even kill you if it gets bad enough.

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We recommend getting a generator to stock the food in freezers or fridges, helping it stay fresh longer. This is a lesser challenge if you change the game start settings to allow for electricity to run longer. By default, the electricity will only last a few days, as will the water. Stock up while you can by filling bath tubs and water bottles. That will help you later.

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