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Death Stranding has a Day One patch

Death Stranding News

Death Stranding, the newest game from the legendary Hideo Kojima, is a strange game. In it, you play Sam, a character seemingly trapped in a nightmare scenario where the dregs of humanity fight over scraps for the sake of survival. A dark age has descended upon humankind over an apparent loss of communication, at least that’s the superficial element implied by the marketing for Death Stranding. It’s very unclear what caused this downfall, but all we know is that Sam is trying to fix it, begrudgingly so.

Luckily for use though, communication is still alive and well. And Kojima Productions revealed that the team put a little extra work in, which will result in a patch on launch day.  WCCFTech revealed the news earlier today, detailing that the patch would bring the game to version 1.03, and includes a variety of fixes and adjustments to the “gold” version. The gold version in this case would refer to the originally produced on-disc version, as it’s the version that “goes gold” when the discs are originally manufactured. Usually video games undergo additional development time post-manufacture, sometimes to work on new content, and others the goal is to fix bugs hampering the experience.

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For a day one patch, there’s surprisingly a large amount of things packed into the update, which should mean the 1.03 versions of the game are pretty solid. The patch has both gameplay changes and a bunch of overall tweaks to things like the accuracy of translations and an improved handling of save data. No real details though, as the patch notes are laughably vague and sparse.

Death Stranding is due on on November 8, 2019 for PS4 and PC. The title was originally billed as PS4-exclusive, but a PC port was later announced.

Death Stranding Patch 1.03 Release Notes

  • Multiple problems fixed
  • Game balance adjustments
  • Translation quality improvements
  • Updated save data version

Save data created in version 1.03 cannot be used with an earlier version.

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