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Death Stranding shares hope in newest trailer

Death Stranding News

Death Stranding has a new trailer, and this one is thankfully a little less cryptic than some of the other teasers and footage we’ve seen. In said trailer, we see a bit more of Sam’s motivations and his place in the world. And being that the seemingly not-so-distant future of the United States is pretty grim, it looks like he’s going to need to hold onto that hope for a better future very tightly.

Along the path of his journey Sam will encounter all manner of threats, from roaming bands of techno-freaks to some more ambiguous threats, the menace is everywhere in the world of Death Stranding. The job Sam has to do seems simple at first, but given that this is a Kojima game, there’s no doubt that the whole thing is more complex than it first appears. Although given the name of the game and the Stranding system Kojima has teased as a core theme, we can expect some pretty obvious allegories with modern communication like social media to feature heavily in the new title. Beyond that though, it’s mostly still a mystery.

We see Sam picking up some kind of archival data from a mysterious facility, before venturing out into the more dangerous wilderness of the ruined USA. The timeline is a bit disjointed, but things do not go as planned and our hero is attacked by unknown bandits, seemingly intent on stealing his cargo, whatever it is. Sam’s mission will be predicated on completing these cargo runs though, as failing to carry something important like medicine, to its destination can have lasting consequences. Kojima said as much in recent public statements on the theme and writing for the game.

The viewer also gets some allusions to other teasers, like the strange techno-fetus that I still have no idea what it is or what it represents. If you’re looking for more about this new title, why not check out that series of teasers: “Create the Rope”, “Reconnect” and “Tomorrow is in Your Hands“. Maybe you can figure out something everyone else missed.

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Death Stranding is due out on November 8th for PS4, and will release onto PC some time later.

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